Bald Eagle Migrations

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In North America, bald eagles and a host of smaller birds of prey all migrate seasonally along the four major flyways, following waterfowl along their migratory paths. In addition to preying on ducks and geese, migrating eagles feed on fish, carrion, or other food sources.

In areas where food is available, bald eagles sometimes congregate in large numbers. Many of these events attract the attention of birdwatchers and other nature enthusiasts. Groups of bald eagles are sometimes seen on coastal beaches, inland shorelines, around lakes, or other areas.

Bald eagles are highly intelligent and quickly adapt to human activity. They are often attracted to hunting areas, especially when hunters leave behind deer, elk, or other game. They also adapt to agricultural operations.

By late winter, food becomes scarce. During these periods, bald eagles prey on weakened waterfowl or mammals, or feed on fish and animals that expire as a result of winter stress.

As winter snowfall tapers off, bald eagles begin moving north again, returning to their summer nesting habitats.