NOAA Restoration Center – Nature Conservancy Restoration Grants Program

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NOAA and the Nature Conservancy are requesting proposals for their restoration matching grants program. This program is part of a national cooperative agreement between the Nature Conservancy’s Global Marine Team and the Community-based Restoration Program of the NOAA Restoration Center.

This partnership provides seed money to individual projects that leverage funds and other contributions from the public and private sector to implement locally important habitat restoration that benefits living coastal and marine resources.

NOAA and the Nature Conservancy are looking to support community-based restoration of a diversity of habitat types and no habitats are excluded. They will consider any innovative restoration project nationwide that supports NOAA trust resources (coastal and marine species and their habitats), and particularly those projects that have a multi-species benefit or emphasize Ecosystem-Based Management.

A focal area of particular interest, though not exclusive or limiting, is native shellfish (bivalve) restoration projects. Projects throughout all USA states and territories are eligible to compete for these grants. Proposals are due by April 13, 2012.

source: NOAA FishNews