2014 State of the Birds Report

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American bird populations are declining across several key habitats, according to a multi-organization report. The report includes a “watch list” of bird species in need of immediate conservation help. The report also reveals, however, that in areas where a strong conservation investment has been made, bird populations are recovering.

The State of the Birds 2014 report is considered to be the most comprehensive review of long-term trend data for U.S. birds ever conducted. The report is authored by the U.S. Committee of the North American Bird Conservation Initiative—a 23-member partnership of government agencies and organizations dedicated to advancing bird conservation.

The report is based on extensive reviews of population data from long-term monitoring. It looks to birds as indicators of ecosystem health by examining population trends of species dependent on one of seven habitats: grasslands, forests, wetlands, ocean, aridlands, islands and coasts.

This year’s report is also a five-year check-in on the indicators presented in the inaugural 2009 State of the Birds report.

Full text of the 2014 State of the Birds Report can be found at stateofthebirds.org.

source: U.S. Department of the Interior