NERRA Coastal Wildlife Inventory

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Scientists from the National Estuarine Research Reserve System have completed the first-ever comprehensive North American coastal wetland wildlife inventory. Scientists used 140 cameras in 29 estuaries to reveal diverse species, illuminating elusive estuary life. The camera traps unveiled 150 species. … Continued

2016 Wisconsin Eagle and Osprey Survey

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A record number of occupied bald eagle and osprey nests were observed during spring raptor surveys in Wisconsin, according to the 2016 Wisconsin Bald Eagle and Osprey Survey Report. The aerial surveys confirmed 1,504 occupied eagle nests, 39 more nests … Continued

2016-2017 National Audubon Society Christmas Bird Count

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The National Audubon Society is organizing its 2016-2017 annual Christmas Bird Count. Between December 14th and January 5th, tens of thousands of bird-loving volunteers will participate in counts across the Western Hemisphere. The data collected by participants continues to contribute … Continued