Louisiana White-Fronted Geese Research

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A new project is underway by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) to study white-fronted geese migration patterns.

Despite increases in the Midcontinent white-front population, wintering counts in Louisiana have declined in the last two decades, according to mid-winter waterfowl surveys.

Louisiana has experienced significant changes in agriculture, lasting hurricane effects, and increased urbanization and industrialization in historic goose habitats.

These factors as well as increasing estimates of active waterfowl hunters may be contributing to a smaller proportion of Mississippi Flyway white-fronted geese wintering in the state, according to LDWF.

An average of 32 percent of Midcontinent  white-fronted geese now winter in Louisiana compared to 80 percent 20 years ago.

The initial research involves capturing, banding, and fitting white-fronted geese with transmitters to track their movements and habitat use. With funding donated by private individuals and organizations, 11 individual transmitters were acquired to place on white-fronted geese.

Transmitters are expected to last three to four years, which will help identify habitats used, local and long-range movements, fidelity among wintering and breeding areas, as well as spring and fall migratory routes and stopovers.

source: Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries